Thursday, August 23, 2012

My "Beloit List"

You have probably heard of the terrific list Beloit College makes every year describing the mindset of students entering college, to help older people understand them. Well, I have my own list.

For students entering college in 2012:
  • Token Ring has always been a bad idea.
  • Ditto ISDN.
  • Cookies have always been stored on computers, not in jars.
  • Computers have always been plug-and-play, or at least plug-and-pray.
  • Google has always been misspelled. 
  • Speaking of spelling, spill checkers have always fixed there miss takes.
  • There's never been a need to distinguish "the big I Internet" from an internet.
  • The Internet has always been commercial.
  • The Internet has always supported streaming video, and it has always sucked.
  • Al Gore has always been more famous for inventing the Internet and global warming, than for being a VP, or for winning the 2000 election.
  • The term "Information Superhighway" has always sounded dumb.
  • Amazon has never been just a river.
  • Yahoo has never meant "red neck." 
  • Red Hat has always referred to an operating system rather than something Communists wear.
  • Commodore has always been bankrupt. 
  • Women and African Americans have always been a tiny minority in the computer field (they were just a simple minority in the 1980s).
  • OSI has always been just a model for teaching networking.
  • We've always been running out of IPv4 addresses.

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