Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Next Steve Jobs Could Be Female!

I'm sad that Steve Jobs is stepping down as Apple's CEO, mainly because I think it means that he will be leaving this earthly reality distortion field soon. When that time comes, my blog will be all about him. In the meantime, there's still time for hope and joy. I find myself hopeful that, despite Steve's unique genius, another genius will arise, and I think she'll be a she!

Think about what Steve gave to the computer industry:
  • An uncompromising insistence that products must be beautifully designed
  • A vision of how computers can help people enjoy life and make a difference in their local and global communities
  • Empathy for "the rest of us" that results in easy-to-use computers, cellphones, tablets
  • Collaboration skills that help tekkies and artists work together, for example to make blockbuster animated movies
  • Advertising genius
  • Fantastic online and in-store shopping experiences
He sounds female! Those are all capabilities that people cite as reasons that we need more women in the computer field. Sure, I know that many men have those qualities too. But most men in the computer field are better implementors than designers. They tend to jump right into coding and to ship products that are not fully debugged or easy to use.

In addition, in theory I agree with many post-feminists who say that the sex of a genius shouldn't matter. But girls and women need role models. (If you don't understand the importance of having role models that look like you, I bet you've never needed to consider it. You are probably white, male, straight, and from the middle or upper classes. Please develop some empathy. You're going to need it.)

But back to my main point, another reason I think that the next Steve Jobs could be female is that there are so many programs to encourage girls and women to go into the computer field. There's the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, the National Center for Women & Information Technology, AAUW, CompuGirls, and my new favorite, Dot Diva. We women are coming back!

The next Steve Jobs is going to be brilliant, dynamic, collaborative, empathetic, and able to think different. I can't wait to meet her.


  1. OK, I'm sharing here AND THERE (Facebook)!! I think more men should grab hold of their femine side, just like Jobs. ;) Oh yes, I love your post 0x19... funny. Made me laugh and a few " awwwwww's". I am still wondering why I did not get a notification of your new post. Hmmm... battle time with blogger.

  2. I love this post--for your analysis, your hope, and your vision. The humor helps too!

    I think I'll share your post with my brother-in-law, also a tekkie and newly into Mac products.


    Equality Is Coming
    The Good Raised Up

  3. Love this. I shared it across several social media platforms with this comment: One option for you, boys, is to grow some ovaries.

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