Friday, July 8, 2011

Lift Off!

It's sad that the last space shuttle launched today. I find myself remembering the class I taught at Kennedy Space Center in the 1990s. Everyday I drove past the shuttle on its launch pad. What a commute! They put me up at a beach hotel where the door to my room was only a few feet from the ocean. I worked at Network General at the time, the makers of the Sniffer. The class was "Ethernet Network Analysis and Troubleshooting."

I kept telling my students, "It's not rocket science." Finally one student said, "Priscilla, will you stop saying that? If the network's not working, the shuttle won't launch. It is rocket science." Good reminder that we IT folks serve the organization's mission, not the other way around, whether the mission is selling widgets, governing citizens, educating students, or exploring space!

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  1. WoW, that is such a cool experience you had! How come it's taken so long for me to find out that you taught at the Kennedy Space Center?!