Friday, February 12, 2010

Computer Engineer Barbie!

Hooray for Mattel. They unveiled a new Barbie who is a computer engineer! They held a contest for people to vote on a new career for Barbie. Alas, girls voted for news anchor. Luckily, many women (and men) in tech fields put out a call to vote for computer engineer. We flooded the election and won the popular vote! So Mattel is going to make both.

They seem to have gotten it right. Her t-shirt has binary code on it and something else that's hard to see. Let's hope it's a network topology drawing. She also has a bluetooth headset and smart phone. The pink laptop is cute. Let's hope it's a Mac!


  1. Barbie doesn't look a day older than she did last year! Think Mattel made the smart decision with both career choices. Your synopsis was great. But what's hidden on the tee?

  2. Nah, it's not a mack but an eepc running Linux ;-) Judging from the wardrobe, she couldn't possibly afford an Apple computer.