Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amazon Kindle Works for Me

Look what Santa brought me! I'm very pleased with my new Kindle. I got the 6 inch one, which feels just right. It's 10.2 ounces but feels even lighter. The screen is easy to see. I've used the dictionary and search features and found them helpful. I like the "screen saver": a photo of a different author displays each time you turn off the Kindle. I can store 1500 books and use the Kindle for up to a week on a single charge. The 3G Wireless is fast, letting me download books in seconds. I can also put books (and PDFs) onto it via USB.

The only negatives for me are that the Next Page button is a little hard to push (it's a physical button that needs a considerable push from my wimpy thumb) and the flash that occurs when you go to the next page is annoying. The built-in Kindle User's Guide says the flash is part of the electronic ink replacement process. OK, but I still think it's (if not a bug) at least the opposite of a feature. The Text-to-Speech sounds artificial, no surprise there, and mangles foreign words. But that's OK. I want to read, not listen.

The first book I got, Midnight in Madrid, was free! I like the book. I don't typically read crime novels, but this one is engaging with a cool female protagonist who could be me if I kept my forensics career going and could still wear a red bikini.

In general, the Kindle works for me. It will keep me from buying more bookcases, which will make Santa (my husband) happy. It will let me engage in my favorite hobby (reading) without killing more trees. And of most importance, it passes the "Sunday afternoon test," whereby I doze on the couch while "reading" when Santa is busy watching football.


  1. I have yet to see a Kindle, but your review makes me want to play with one. I can definitely sympathise with the idea of getting rid of extra bookcases, but I'm not sure how I feel yet about getting rid of real books. I also like to read in the bathtub, which may mean that it's a while before I consider something like this for myself.

    Question: Besides the annoying flash, how is the e-paper (or whatever they call it)? Are the letters crisp and easy to read in low light?

  2. Reading in the bathtub with Kindle is problematic, for sure. I thought of that too because I like to read in the bathtub, but oh well. In theory you could do it if you were careful, but it is risky. Regarding the e-paper (or whatever they call it), it's just like a book. You need pretty good lighting. Then it's crisp and easy on the eyes. Oh, and I won't get rid of any books! But I can't keep stuffing them in closets, etc. :-) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Cool review, thanks. How is it for reading in bed? How easy is it to change text size on the fly? Is it easier to read with backlight on or off?

  4. I read in bed with it. Works fine. I cuddle up to it and read until I fall asleep or my hubby objects, whichever comes first. If I fall asleep, it notices and turns itself off (the Kindle that is, not my hubby). It's easy to change the text size on the fly. There is no backlight.

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  6. Stumbled into your blog, saw your Kindle and lingered. Thank you for a great review. In the thinking stage about getting one.