Thursday, October 1, 2009

Autumn Musings

My patient blog readers may be wondering where I've been. I somehow didn't manage to blog for the entire month of September. I find myself quite melancholy most Septembers. I think about family, harvests, and saying goodbye to old friends. I think about making pies and new websites and new iPhone apps, but ideas blow away, like leaves in the garden. I visited with family on the East Coast and in the Midwest. Everyone is getting older. Hair that was once dark is now golden or grey or pure white. Minds that once solved complex problems now worry about fires and salad forks and what's for dinner. The makers of things putter, passing the torch to the next generation.


  1. What a bittersweet post, Priscilla. Yes, even seeing my mom with a cane, and my dad more tilted then ever, is a sad thing. But being with everyone, and getting to know those who have married/partnered their way into the family, is something I continue to enjoy.

    Liz Opp(enheimer), The Good Raised Up

  2. On a different note, I've always loved fall! To me it was always about new beginnings, particularly the school year (I'm one of few people I've met outside our own family who looked forward to going back to school, partly perhaps because our family never travelled or anything during the summer, but also I just liked school) but as long as I've been a musician, fall is the start of the performing season. And of course it's the Jewish new year, as well. I like the smell of drying leaves and the smell of baking pies and the sounds of football, well, I used to like that until I realized that husbands can watch six or seven games a weekend!

  3. Hi Susan, Thank you for commenting! I love the start of the new school year too. We're nerds. Do you like the painting that I posted with the blog entry? I think I found it at Wikipedia under Autumn, but I immediately loved it because it could be us. (There are only 4 girls because I'm the one doing the painting. :-)