Monday, July 6, 2009

I <3 my iPhone!

I made the sketch to the left on my iPhone! It's of a homeless person who was sitting near me. If you read my Twitter stream, which is a highly-rated cure for insomnia, you will know that I spent Saturday morning waiting for the Ashland, Oregon July 4th parade to start and then spent two hours watching said parade. Now, what does this have to do with a weird looking sketch, and for that matter, what does it have to do with "the makers of things," you may be wondering? Well, here's the scoop. I couldn't have waited for two hours if it weren't for my favorite toys and delectable foods, made by engineers, baristas, chefs, and other skilled artisans. While waiting for the parade, I sat outside the Mix Sweet Shop, sipping a delicious latte, eating a fantastic tayberry, pecan, bran cake, using the shop's wireless access point, and sketching on my iPhone. The Mix Sweet Shop is top-notch, by the way, probably my favorite coffee shop in Ashland after the Rogue Valley Roasting Company.

A few years ago I would have brought my Macintosh to the parade to stay busy while waiting. No need this year! This year I had my iPhone. The iPhone gave me access to an ocarina for practicing my limited musical skills, a leaf trombone for displaying my limited skills on the World Stage, a terrific art collection, a space museum, and a sketch pad. The iPhone lets me be a Renaissance woman! If I eat many more of those delicious tayberry cakes, I will start to look like a Baroque woman (something from a Rubens painting possibly). Well, no worries. My personal trainer is working on an iPhone app!

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  1. Did you purchase a tart and latte for your (witting or unwitting) model?