Monday, April 20, 2009

Too many screens!?

I'm teaching in New York City this week. It's great fun, but a bit overwhelming coming from Southern Oregon. One thing I've noticed that's different from the last time I taught in New York City (admittedly about 15 years ago) is that it's impossible to get away from video screens. Note there's even TV access in my taxi!  If I had any photography skills (which I obviously don't) and/or a good camera instead of my iPhone, I would have caught a picture that shows that while sitting in traffic I could see more than just the TV screen in my taxi. To the left of me was a huge screen advertising something useless. To the right of me was a TV store with about a hundred screens. This taxi ride came after breakfast at the hotel where no matter where I went in the breakfast room there was a TV blaring. When I talk about "the makers of things" on this blog, I usually have good things to say. But I'm not sure all these screen things are a good thing. Where can one go for silence? Silence is golden. Well this trip will certainly help me appreciate Southern Oregon more.


  1. "Where can one go for silence?"

    Ummm, I hear there's a Quaker meeting in Ashland, and I know there are a handful in New York City... Most of them meet on Sundays, but a few have "midweek" worship opportunities!

    I'm guessing the Buddhists would have something to say about meditation, too...

    But I think you mean something else by the question.

    Have a good trip. I hope my mother behaves herself when she see you... but you know how *that* goes!

    Liz, The Good Raised UpP.S. One resource to find your local Quaker meeting is QuakerFinder.

  2. Well if it helps the New Yorks cab TV's all have off buttons. Something I found out jabbing angrily after a fight with my gf. After that the cab does become sort of quiet although there is still "visual noise". A phenomenon that I have only seen in Times Square and the surrounding areas. Other places come to mind like the floor waaay in the back of the nearest borders or a Starbucks that no one goes to because there is a bigger cooler one two blocks away. I think Midtown has been overrun by advertising people who think that any quiet time means that they are missing an opportunity to hock something. That being said... Enjoy New York it's a fun town. There's this restaurant call Bond 45 near times square that I go to whenever I'm there... and can expense the meal ;)

    Happy trails


  3. Thanks for your comments, Liz and Keegan. I did find some peace and quiet by the way (at St. Patrick's Cathedral). And your mom behaved herself, Liz. :-) We went to a fantastic restaurant, quite extravagant, but since it was for a big birthday, I think it was OK to be so indulgent. It's called 11 Madison Park. They have a fancy website too, in addition to fancy food. The website is here.